Mediprocity Helps in protection of patient health data

With more and more headlines regarding patient healthcare information breaches as well as security attacks, people are slowly starting to realize that putting secure text messaging in place is not only smart, but necessary.
It is an amazing phenomenon that users who have smartphones, and there are more of them each day that are upgrading, simply use it for texting.  They may not email or want to leave voicemails, but they will text.
Why?  It is simple and fast to use. Period.
If you take a look at different industries, they all have security issues and workflow problems.  Healthcare especially because they must adhere to the HIPAA Omnibus rule and HITECH act.  Billions are lost each year with inefficient workflows in place.  The question is can technology improve workflows?
We know technology can most definitely improve security, so if we can also show how much it can improve workflow chances are it will save organizations money.
How many times a day is a healthcare professional trying to track down a physician in order to get clarification or approval around an order?  If physicians sat in cubicles all day this would not be an issue, but any physician knows that they are moving from home, office, hospital and clinic throughout the day and night.  They keep up to date using their smartphones.  Almost 90% of physicians use their smartphones to text!
When looking for a secure text messaging company it should have more than simple encrypted content.  It needs to have proper retention of records, administrative privileges in place, read receipt and a whole lot more.
A secure messaging system should easily integrate into EHR technologies as well as other important technology. Mediprocity does all of this and more and all at a low monthly price!
We have reinvented the wheel when it comes to secure messaging, the issue is everyone is far too busy to stop and realize this will help and not hurt their communication.

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