The Fines Are Coming... it is time to listen to OCR!

paulrevereIt is somewhat still in debate if Paul Revere actually did yell 'The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!' in his famous ride.  We do know that his ride at midnight did cemet his place in history to warn colonists of an impending British attack.  That part, along with his Lexington to Concord ride is not debatable and is a tale most Americans know.

Here is a new tale that we have been telling for years, 'The OCR Is Coming! The OCR Is Coming!'  If you don't know what OCR stands for by now, and you are in healthcare, then even Paul Revere cannot save you with his warning.  If anything, we have to give credit to HIPAA and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), for actually being the Paul Revere of the Omnibus law.  They have been doing their best to slow their audits and fines and give covered entities and business associates time to prepare.  Sadly, their version of Paul Revere has still be falling on deaf ears...

Let's review some of the latest fines and penalties, because the OCR is most definatley coming.

HIPAA fines a nursing home company $650,000 for a lost phone.

Federal regulators lowered the boom on the former owner of several nursing homes after an iPhone containing the medical records of more than 400 residents was stolen.  Mediprocity could have prevented this fine and investigation immediately with our compliant technology.

Health system pays highest fine to date (as of August 2016)

To receive a fine this high is simply falling into the willful neglect category, where there are multiple breaches and vulnerbilities that were not addressed.

Health system fined for stolen laptop

Another area where encryption and remote log out / wipe was not in place.  Additionally, poor follow through on business associate agreements.  This fine could have easily been prevented.

If you are still on the fence on how to secure your mobile devices for messaging and forms - do not delay and contact us about how we can help to prevent a penalty and fine for a lost device with patient health information (PHI).


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