Steps to Start

We are excited that you have selected Mediprocity as your secure messaging and forms portal. We make it easy to get started...

Please click on the following buttons below to get started.  HIPAA requires by law that all healthcare entities complete a Business Associate Agreement with Mediprocity. If you intend to use our messaging and/or forms systems for your organization please fill out an order form.  

 Business Associate Agreement

 Secure Messaging Order

 Secure Forms Order


1 – Create your account from any internet browser: Add A User

2 – Set Up Your Profile and update your photo and account information and settings

3 – Install App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

  • Log in using the same credentials you used to create your account
  • For iOS users – make sure to say YES when it asks you to allow push notifications.

4 – Establish Connections

  • From the app, click on connections icon – type the name of the user and click connect.
  • From the web, click connections and search for users, or use quick connect to send multiple requests at once.

5 – Start Messaging

  • Attachments: Up to 5 attachments per message (Images, Documents, Mp3 Audio)
  • Images: From the App, use the camera as a scanner to capture images
  • Images: From the web, you may grab documents or images from your computer and attach
  • Please log in to review more detailed training documents as well as training videos

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DO NOT add any patient health information here. We will follow up with you to discuss any PHI or security credentials. DO NOT share any PHI or any credentials in this help desk ticket. Thank you!

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