Quick Tips:

As your organization's Mediprocity Super-Administrator you should confirm all users know how to log onto Mediprocity and how to message one another.

1. Logging On via a browser such as (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) please use this URL:

Users may also type this URL into any mobile device browser for a mobile enabled access to the main website.

2. Messaging

  • Compose a new message and how to reply to messages
  • Review layout: recipients/details, subject, message, send message button, time/date stamps
  • Read Receipt: red = have not read the message, orange = partially read, green = fully read messsage
  • Archive / Unarchive: users may not delete messages on the system
  • Searching: the filter is used on the desktop only
  • Adding Attachments: how to do this via the browser and the app
  • Camera Feature: review how to do this and note nothing is stored in local gallery (app only)
  • Camera Feature: if using via mobile device on a browser, Android users should delete images if stored in gallery
  • Add/Remove Users: remind users that anyone can add but only the author of the message can remove

3. Connections

A connection must be established before a secure message can be sent.  This is required by HIPAA for authentication purposes, but also helps to prevent people being spammed. Review how connections work on both the browser and app.

4. Profile

  • Add a personal photo (avatar) or your corporate logo.  This helps to identify you easily on the system.
  • Tap on "Profile" for more menu options such as changing your password/key, notification settings and more.
  • Out of office feature review how to use and enable.

5. Download App

  • App Store for all Apple users.  Users will need to know their Apple ID before they can install.
  • Google Play Store for all Android users.  Users will need to have a Google account before they can install.
  • Always allow "push" notifications when installing.
  • Review the entire dashboard with users.
  • Discuss importance of keeping the apps up-to-date with new releases.
  • New message alerts: iPhone = red badge  Android = Mediprocity icon

 Info & Reminders

  • All users must first have connections to message others on Mediprocity. (make a connection like you would using Facebook or LinkedIN)
  • If you are on the browser, you may click on the (?) on the top right for a tutorial on the different sections.
  • There is also a mute button on the browser should you want to turn off audible notifications.
  • The browser will log users off after a period of inactivity to comply with HIPAA guidelines.  A user will need to fully log back onto the website after a inactive log off session.
  • Setting "Remember Me" only stores your username and password, which together give you limited access to your profile.  In order to access the secure sections of Mediprocity you must always also enter your encryption key.

Mediprocity Apps do not log users off.  It is highly recommended if you keep your app in a logged session you have a 4-digit PIN enabled on your device.  All iPhone users may add additional security via their app with the Mediprocity 4-digit PIN as well.

In the event you lose or have your device stolen - simply go to the nearest computer with internet access, log in and change your passsword.  This sends a remote log out to the lost/stolen device.  If you do not know your log in credentials notify your organization super admin or write us directly: [email protected]

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