Mediprocity sat down with one of it's long time customers in Chicago for an interview to discuss how UnitedRx uses Mediprocity day-to-day with their nursing facilities and other customers.  UnitedRx is not only keeping their communication fully HIPAA compliant, but they are also improving their workflow with easy instant secure messaging. This series includes: Chuck Benain, Andrew Tutt, Chuck Agonis and Ami Patel of UnitedRx.

VIDEO 1 - Discuss the benefits to the pharmacy.
VIDEO 2 - How did your buildings respond to implementation?
VIDEO 3 - Explain customer satisfaction and use.
VIDEO 4 - How do you use Mediprocity with your prescribers?

UnitedRx was at the forefront of being the first pharmacy in the United States to launch the Mediprocity / DocuTrack integration.  Contact Mediprocity today to learn more about our full integration with Integra's DocuTrack.

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Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4