Physicians, Healthcare Professionals, Vendors and Business Associates can connect and collaborate while sharing protected patient health information with Mediprocity secure text messaging.


Healthcare professionals using Mediprocity on mobile devices, tablets or computers, can send instant notifications, conduct conversations and attach files, labs and images through an encrypted network. Mediprocity’s “read/receipt” function keeps track of the date and time when messages are sent, and all files and attachments are securely stored in “the Cloud,” not on devices.


Physician interactions with staff, pharmacies and facilities are fast, direct and secure with Mediprocity. From any location Physicians can respond immediately to staff, give instructions and monitor patient care. For prescribers and pharmacies, ordering or changing medications for patients can be accomplished in minutes, not hours. Using Mediprocity the prescriber can securely message the pharmacist, and can add the attending physician to the same text conversation without having to forward or copy and paste. There is no cost for physicians to join Mediprocity.


Secure messaging makes all aspects of medical care more efficient, more direct and more cost-effective. Hospitals and long-term-care facilities can reduce communication breakdowns that result in patient admission time and errors. Administrators can expedite personnel workflow and coordination and maintain better control of inventory and billing.


Vendors and business associates such as insurance and legal representatives and product suppliers can also utilize Mediprocity for secure, streamlined communication with healthcare professionals and institutions. Additionally industry partners can use Mediprocity within their own organizations, or can extend HIPAA-compliant protection to their customers through integration of Mediprocity with their existing communication systems.


Mediprocity is a private healthcare community and does not allow standard advertising or banners. Each user or system administrator creates a private contact network and others must be invited to connect. The text-messaging platform is easy to use and does not require new software or hardware.


In today's world of complex government regulations and very tight budgets the healthcare industry has to minimize risk while providing the best in patient care. Mediprocity encrypted text messaging is the simple secure solution for healthcare collaboration, management and compliance.


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