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We have broken up our FAQ into two sections: website and mobile applications. If you do not see your question listed, please email us directly. Additionally, if you have found a useful FAQ to add to our list, feel free to send it over! Thank you - Mediprocity Support.


Website Related Questions

All Mediprocity accounts are initiated from www.mediprocity.com, select “Sign Up” and fill in fields requested. After the account is registered, then download the app and enter user credentials. All users are given a 15 day free trial, at the end of your trial you will be asked to make payment or your account will be deactivated.

For compliance reasons, a Mediprocity user will be locked out of Mediprocity after 5 failed attempts at logging in with incorrect credentials. The system will allow the user to retry after a certain amount of time. After 15 failed attempts, only Mediprocity Security can unlock the account. If you still cannot remember your credentials please contact Mediprocity Support to reset your credentials.

  • Request Connections with existing Mediprocity users.

    a. Via app or browser, select “Connections”, find user, select name and then select “Connect”
    b. This will send a request to that person.  They will need to “Accept” the request before you can message them

  • Accepting Connection Requests

    a. Via app, go to “Activity”.  Any outstanding requests appear, touch on name to Accept or Deny.
    b. Via browser, go to “Connections”.  All pending requests appear, click to Accept or Deny.
    c. Once “accepted” two users can now message.

After you have signed up online, click the "Start Connecting" button. You must make secure connections with other users on Mediprocity in order to exchange secure content. Go to connections in the top menu on the website or the icon on the mobile app.

It is best to use an image viewer (such as PaintShop, Windows Gallery, Picasa) to open and view on your computer. The reason for an image viewer is so you may resize the high resolution image. All images attached to a message in Mediprocity are in high resolution mode so you can have high clarity when viewing. Click on the image in a message, save to your desired image viewer, resize and the image will print on one sheet.

Start from the Subject line, right click and drag and highlight everything in the message window you want to print. Copy, then paste onto Word document. You will need to delete photos/logos but can then save document or print as needed. If you are using Windows, open your Snippping Tool to take a screenshot and save as an image. If you are using a Mac, on your keyboard, press Command + Shift + 4 and then release all keys.

From browser: “Details”

From Android: “Participants”

From IOS: “Recipients”

To add: Select one of the above, enter new recipient desired

To delete: ONLY the person who initiated the thread can remove participants.

If you are that person:

From browser: select Details, select red X by the person you want to removed

From IOS: select Recipients, swipe to the left on name of person you want to delete and select red “delete”

From Android: Select participants and click the check box.

A person must have a Mediprocity account in order to pay. After the account is initiated, go to Profile / Subscription. Enter credit card info and select appropriate number of access codes/licenses. The card will be billed monthly and an electronic receipt will be emailed to the user who entered the payment information.

You don’t. Due to HIPAA laws, all messages with PHI/protected health information must be stored for 5-7 years. This means you cannot ever DELETE messages but you can ARCHIVE them. Archived messages will move from your “Active” messages to your “Archived” messages. Archiving from app: click on “Archive” upper right corner. Archiving from browser: click on Archive in a message.

Yes. Via computer browser, use search tool/magnifying glass to search for old messages. You can search by data and/or recipients in the message.

The browser will log a users off after 4 hours of inactivity. The user will need to re-enter their credentials to log back into Mediprocity via computer. Mediprocity highly recommends you have.

No, secure connections can currently only be made with existing Mediprocity account holders. What if it says "I have a new message but I am not seeing it?!" Although rare, it can sometimes happen that you have archived a message at the same time a new message is incoming. Please check your “Archived” messages to see if any unread messages might be there.

You were sent an invite to join Mediprocity by a colleague and/or the super admin for your organization. When you create your account, you will see an invite to join the organization. Should you choose to do so, or be required because this is the company you have employment, simply click accept and a notification will be sent to the super admin of the orgnization notifying them you have joined and accepted.


Mobile Application Questions

Very little. The way this would impact your device is if you are attaching large attachments. For example, if you have a 10GB data plan, you could upload/download about 2,048 5MB photos.

The app makes a request once every 5 seconds while it is active.  Most of these messages take up about 750 bytes outgoing and 300 bytes incoming.  When the app is closed or the phone is locked, the network requests are also stopped.  The network usage is minimal and can be mitigated by closing the application or locking the device when it is not being used.

The amount of storage required on the device depends on how heavily the app is used.  The iOS app takes up around 7 MB, and the Android app takes up 40.2 MB.  The user’s conversation history sits on top of that, taking up between 5-20 MB depending on usage.

Go to App Store (Apple devices) or Play Store (Android devices), search for Mediprocity, download app. Note: Apple Users may be asked for their iTunes/Apple Store ID and password to download app. This can be created without entering credit card info at APPLE SUPPORT Always “Allow” push notifications if asked. Enter credentials (email/password/encryption key – must be exact) ONE time, select “Sign In”.

Determine “Notifications” in Mediprocity via Profile: user can choose to get SMS and/or Email in addition to receiving app notifications to notify them when they have a new message or connection request. To verify on your phone settings: iPhone, go to "Settings" and then to "Notification Center". Once there, scroll to Mediprocity. Select "Banners" and turn on/slide so all tabs are green (Badge App Icon, Sounds, Show in Notification Center and Show on Locked Screen). Android, go to "Settings" and select Apps/Manage Apps. Go to Mediprocity App. Turn on all notifications by checking and select OK.

When in a message, select the camera icon (to left of text box) to take and send secure images. Do not use the camera on the device, use the camera tool in the Mediprocity app. Should your device ever be lost or stolen, images taken/stored in Mediprocity are safe. Images of PHI/protected health information or photos taken/stored using the camera on your device can be considered as violations of HIPAA compliance if they are stored on your mobile device.

All images taken using the Mediprocity secure camera feature are high resolution images and can take a bit longer to send depending on your connectivity. Why? The reason for this is so images can be stored/viewed correctly by other users no matter what kind of device they are receiving messages.

Mediprocity App does not log off users. If a mobile device with Mediprocity is lost/stolen, it is the responsibility of the user to adhere to organizational policies and procedures regarding what to do. Mediprocity has a security feature where the user may open a browser from any computer and simply change the password under Profile. This will send a remote logout signal to the lost/stolen mobile device. Note: Any user that voluntarily hands their mobile to someone else for an extended period of time should log out of Mediprocity if the device is no longer under their control. From Mediprocity app home screen, go to Settings and Log Off user. User will need to re-enter their credentials when the device is back under their control.

Any Mediprocity user is required to report the loss of any mobile device to their Mediprocity administrator IMMEDIATELY. If you don’t have a Mediprocity administrator please log onto mediprocity.com, and change your password/key ASAP (from Profile). You may also contact Mediprocity and we can make the change for you. This will send a remote logout to the lost/stolen mobile device. Note: Any user that voluntarily hands their mobile to someone else for an extended period of time should log out of Mediprocity if the device is no longer under their control. From Mediprocity app home screen, go to Settings and Log Off user. User will need to re-enter their credentials when the device is back under their control.

iPhone spellcheck is device specific and you can train your phone on the correct spelling of words by repeating it 3 times.

Users need to verify ALL volume settings. Recent versions of Android have separated sound, notification sound, application sounds, and vibration under separate controls, all of which affect the sound/feedback from Mediprocity on Android. Go to Settings/Sound … Settings/App Mgr/Mediprocity … Settings/Notifications

Two methods:

First method: 1) Press the up or down volume. 2) Click on the settings icon (the gear on the volume bar) 3) Adjust all volumes up or down to the right level. Volumes will be saved automatically.

Second method: 1) Open Settings 2) Open Sound 3) Open Volumes 4) Adjust all volumes up or down to the right level. 5) Click on OK to save.

Go to settings / Sound / System Choose a different default notification sound from the menu of 20+ sounds.

Please try this solution… Log out of the Mediprocity app Swipe down from top to get to “Settings” in your Android phone May have to go to “More …”, then Select “Application Manager” Choose “Mediprocity” Then tap the buttons “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” Lastly re-login and resend a connection request to test

Here are the top 3 resolutions for Gallery viewing problems: If you have an SD card, remove your SD card and then go to the “Gallery” icon on your phone. If you can see the photos the SD card is causing the problem. Select "Settings", then "Application Manager", Next "All" Then Go into "Gallery" app Press "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data". (If the app is running then Force stop it and check) If neither of these solutions work, select "Settings" the "Application Manager" next "All" then go into "Camera" app and press "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data". (If the app is running then force stop it)

This is because you have logged in with the wrong encryption key. You are using the app under limited access. Please go to Settings / Logout Try to log back in again, if the problem persists you may need to update your encryption key and/or delete and reinstall the app.


Administrative Panel Related Questions

From the admin / manage organization / access codes - simply drop a user's email and hit send! When the user accepts and joins their status will go from "Invited" to "Accepted".  You may also drop multiple emails seperated by a comma into the bulk invite.

They may log in via any browser where the invite will be waiting to accept. They may click on the profile icon in the app and accept there as well.

You may withdraw their invitation and resend. If they are a user that needs to be associated with your organization, you may override their credentials and accept for them as the super admin of your account.

From the admin / manage organization / access codes - find the user and deactivate. At that point, Mediprocity Support will confirm your deactivation.

Be sure that you are entering your admin password first and then change the password. Enter your admin password first and then change the encryption key.

Simply email Mediprocity Support or contact your sales representative!

Yes, the system will initiate the access code after they have confirmed the old account is to be closed. Additional charges may apply if the deactivated user has over 1 Gig of storage in their account.

Simply go to the admin / manage organization / user area and click on the user's name. You can then access their account.

Mediprocity Minimum Requirements ||  Browser: IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, {Mediprocity works on IE8 but is not recommended} ||  iOS: iPhone, iPod: iOS 7, iOS 8 | iPad version 2+ {Mediprocity works on older versions but is not recommended.} ||  Android: Phones 4.1 OS or higher | Tablets 4.1 OS or higher.
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