openquote2Rita Haff, Willow Healthcare, Executive  "We recently had a Risk Analysis Assessment and I was asked the question about text messaging.  I was able to comfortably share that we used Mediprocity and was provided a 'thumbs-up' reaction."closequote2


openquoteAaron Salyapongse, MD, Director of Hip and Knee Surgery at Valley Care Hospital“Delays in communication no longer represent a delay in care. Our facility did a pilot study with Mediprocity and it showed that the average response time from doctors using Mediprocity’s app is 1-2 minutes, compared to 28 minutes when they used pagers and phones. I oversee a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals. With so many people involved, having fast, secure text messaging is critical to how we relay doctor’s orders and changes in patient status, and get nursing updates and therapy reports.”closequote  


 openquote2Jacqueline Dougherty, Nurses and Company, Marketing and Physician Liaison  "Communication is key to providing superior patient care. With Mediprocity Nurses & Company's staff is able to communicate detailed patient information to team members in real time, knowing that their patient's privacy is protected."closequote2


openquoteColleen Rillie, Big Meadows, I.T. Coordinator"Big Meadows has used Mediprocity for several months now and it has become our primary means of secure communication of patient information for our healthcare team, including our medical director, consultant dietician and contracted therapists. Mediprocity is reliable, reasonably priced and easy to use. We love it!"closequote


openquote2Lori Reams, Alternative Hospice, V.P. of Marketing & Business Development "The staff members at our hospice are finally catching on to Mediprocity. This software has truly helped with our communication, especially when we are coordinating a patient's initial start of care. My intake coordinators and I like the camera feature as well as the ability to add individuals to the conversation when we are on the go."closequote2


openquoteAmy Voss, Meramec Nursing Center, Director of Nursing"With Mediprocity our communication has greatly improved! It had proven to be wonderful! We have eliminated paper as well as numerous phone calls each day! It has been a great asset to our facility. Thank you!"closequote


openquote2Angella Woods, Barnes Health Group"Dr. Thompson dropped his phone just before he was to board a flight for a week's vacation. Without Mediprocity, we may have been exposed to reporting a data breach, which would have been enormous negative exposure. Although he ended up locating his phone upon his return, knowing he was protected by Mediprocity provided him the assurance that his patient's information was safe even while the phone was "missing". This mobile-missing incident was a non-issue for Barnes Health Group because Mediprocity provided Dr. Thompson with the assurances he needed." closequote2


openquoteMike Hess, RPh with Premier RX "Mediprocity ....a simple efficient and compliant way to contact a physician.Mediprocity is a system where I can text physicians requesting authorizations to fill control medications and they can respond at their convenience giving me a higher response rate resulting in more same-day fills on control medications."closequote

openquote2Mark Weible, Director of Operations, Wellington Management"Mediprocity is the perfect tool for me to stay connected with my staff as I spend a lot of time in my car between facilities and screening prospective admissions. It allows me to receive current PHI in real time so when I meet patients to screen I show up prepared with all of the information that I need.It's a great time-saver."closequote2


openquoteAmber Hamby, V.P. of Sales, Level 1 Diagnostics"Mediprocity simplifies my daily communication with my coworkers and the physician offices that I work with. I love the feature of being able to just snap a photo of a form with my phone and securely upload it to the site for review or print. It is a great product and concept and is completely necessary to keep our patient info and reports confidential. Thanks Mediprocity!"closequote


openquote2Nicole LaBonte, Physician Office Manager"We are delighted to have become a part of Mediprocity. Mediprocity is a product that plays a crucial role in how we conduct our business communication. At LMG we believe good communication governance has a significant positive effect on our performance as it enhances our accountability, hence improves our business relationships with our facilities." closequote2


openquoteJason Henderson, RN, Rancho Manor Healthcare & Rehab Center"The application is incredible and saves both the nurse and the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner both a great deal of time.  Plus the message and orders are clear to both parties involved.  It truly simplifies life when providing care."closequote


openquote2Barbara Barrett, Compliance Officer - Reliant "Thank you for such quick help desk responses Mediprocity!  You have the most amazing customer service!" closequote2